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The Snorkeling Adventures

The adventures we offer are broken up into a few different parts and will take approximately 3-3.5 hours (time may vary depending on weather, location and group size). 

-Golden Bay wharf is the starting location where the guides will be waiting to meet you. They will take you to the gear storage shed to get changed into your snorkeling gear and give an initial brief outlining the tour. 

-Once gear has been fitted and you have been fully briefed, we will board the water taxi and make our way across Patterson Inlet/Te Whaka a Te Wera to where we will be snorkeling. While all the snorkel sites we use hold exceptional amounts of fish, they do perform differently in varying weather patterns/tides, so the location used will be determined by the guides on the day.

-Upon arriving at one of the snorkel locations, you will disembark the boat and be given a small presentation by your guides outlining possible hazards, marine life encounters, basic freediving techniques and any information relevant to the location. 

-We will then enter the water working our way around rock reefs and kelp forests in search of native marine life (Gallery). Your guides will give information on anything you find interesting and help with freediving techniques whilst in the water, maximising your adventure and viewing. 

-After spending up to 1.5 hours in the water, we will reconnect with the water taxi and make our way back to Golden Bay where you will change out of your snorkeling gear. 

-Once changed, you are welcome to stay for a debrief where we can discuss how the trip went and any questions about marine life encounters and any other happenings in the trip. We also encourage you to stay after for a chat about conservation and how we can all help the health of our oceans.

Guided Snorkeing adventures at the SS Tarawera

What Do you Need?

We will provide all the equipment that you will need during your snorkel which includes a warm wetsuit, a hooded vest, gloves, booties, weightbelt, fins and a mask.

We will have two go-pros on site that we will use to get footage of the adventures. This footage will be provided for free after the tour.

We take people with all ranges of experience, so even if you’ve never been snorkeling before you will have a great time!

 All you have to do is to meet us at the Golden Bay Wharf with a towel and a swimsuit to go underneath your wetsuit. 

Blue Moki on the Snorkeling Adventures

What to Bring

When joining us on our snorkeling adventures, all you need to bring is a towel and a swimsuit to wear under your wetsuit. We recommend wearing the swimsuit under your clothes when arriving at Golden Bay to save time getting changed. We also advise bringing a snack and a bottle of water for after the tour.

Who are Stewart Island Adventures?

Stewart Island Adventures is a small company situated on an island at the bottom of New Zealand. It is run by two passionate guides, Ollie and Johnny, who want to share the underwater world they are privileged to freedive in every day, and share a message of conservation along the journey. We are lucky to have a large body of water around us that is managed effectively ands keeps the ecosystem healthy, one that we love to share with Rakiura’s visitors and show them there is hope for the world’s oceans. Having small group sizes gives us the ability to deliver a more personal, informative experience, diving around New Zealand’s most beautiful island, revealing the colourful life-filled world beneath. 

Our Boat Operator

We work proudly alongside a local water taxi operator, Rakiura from Ulva Island Water Taxis to provide us with transportation to and from our snorkeling sites.  This water taxi also offers a great range of transportation and excursions around Stewart Island, so if you are spending some time on the Island, check out their website http://rakiura.nz.

Boat delivering adventures in Patterson Inlet

Our Prices

For a single person the tour costs $160
For a child between 12-16 the tour costs $100
Discounts can be arranged for groups.

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