Maori Beach

In the early 1900’s Maori Beach was a bustling settlement based around the milling of Native timber from the area. 100 years on and the rainforest is well on its way to regrowing and all that is left are the relics of old machinery. Our snorkel spot is at the Eastern head of the bay and can provide beautiful and sheltered Kelp forest snorkeling during the right conditions. There is a small island off a beach that creates a still and shallow exploration zone and more confident swimmers can snorkel around the island to find the larger schooling fish. Even in the shallows it is common to be able to see Blue Moki, Trumpeter (Kohikohi), Greenbone (Marari) and Blue Cod (Rawaru). Along the rocky bottom of the kelp forests live Leather Jacket (Kokiri), Octopus (kōti) and plentiful numbers of Paua (Abalone) and Kina (Sea Urchin). This is one of the most common sites to find Large Bellied Seahorses clinging on to strands of kelp. The area is often visited by the growing population of New Zealand Sea Lion, which can provide a beautiful and exhilarating underwater encounter!