Snorkeling Expeditions- Stewart Island

The marine world of Stewart Island is the perfect place for a snorkel adventure tour. As a result we run snorkel and freedive tours showcasing New Zealand’s marine life. We aim to teach clients on the water life, history and conservation of Stewart Island. Firstly our goal is to provide fun and adventer filled snorkel eco-tour. Secondly, our snorkel tour has zero impact on the enviroment.

Who We are

Stewart Island Adventures is a local owned business on Stewart Island, New Zealand, which is run by two guides. The guides love to share the marine world with tourists, all in all they will educate you on free diving and snorkeling and healthy ocens. We have small group sizes therefore the snorkeling tour is a personal and fun tour.

Our Snorkeling Locations

Our most common dive site is the Ulva Island marime reserve in Patterson Inlet. This inlet nurtures diverse and healthy life. We snorkel and freedive through the giant kelp forest and view schools of fish. We find many water species on our tour.

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