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Situated on the Neck Peninsula, the site of the first settlement here on Rakiura/Stewart Island is Lowry’s Bay, a small cove where the wreck of the S.S. Tarawera lies. The 2000 ton, 95m screw steamer once sailed the coastal waters of New Zealand from 1883-1921, delivering cargo and taking passengers on scenic cruises until it sank at the entrance of this small bay in 1933. Read More

Snorkeling with Colourful Sea Sponges
Freediving in the kelp forests of Ulva Island Marine Reserve

Ulva Island, Te Wharawhara Marine Reserves

The Te Wharawhara marine reserve was established in 2004 and covers 1075 hectares of one of the largest sheltered harbours in Southern New Zealand, Patterson Inlet/Te Whaka a te Wera. This inlet is a shallow Ria, an ancient submerged river valley, surrounded on all sides by untouched native rainforest… Read More

In the early 1900’s Maori Beach was a bustling settlement based around the milling of native timber from the area. 100 years on and the rainforest is well on its way to regrowing and all that is left are the relics of old machinery. Our snorkel spot is at the Eastern head of the bay, and can provide beautiful and sheltered kelp forest snorkeling during the right conditions. Read More

Snorkeling in the clea shallows of Ulva Island

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